How it works

Our concept is simple, our volunteers can do one of two things, either they cook or they collect food and deliver it to one of the hospitals that we cover. The cost of the food is covered by the donations that we receive.

Once you sign up, you are allocated to one of four areas of London; North, East, West or South. You will then be asked to pledge a weekly contribution to either cook, drive or both. We try to match people who are closest to the hospitals so that those who deliver do not have to drive too far. Typically, we try to cater for at least 100 NHS staff per delivery, but we are on a mission to feed the whole of the Nightingale, which should be around 1,000!

We ask all cooks to cater for at least 30 people and to source their own food and containers. We are running on donations so we ask that you stick to a budget of £1.50 per meal. Once the food is delivered please send in your receipts to (We will process expenses at least once a week, please be patient, but do chase if you do not hear from us).

Want to volunteer?

Social DIstancing & RULES

We strongly believe in social distancing rules as a way to support the NHS and save lives.


All volunteers have to make sure they stick by the government guidelines.

  1. Do not enter the house of any other volunteers. If you are cooking please leave your food outside for the driver to pick up.

  2. Do not enter any of the hospitals under any circumstance. We have a contact at each hospital and they have agreed to come outside to collect the deliveries. Please let them know in advance how many people they need to carry the food back in.

  3. Please write down all the ingredients used in your meals so NHS workers can check for allergies.

  4. Finally, do not offer to cook if you have been in contact with anyone who has displayed symptoms of Coronavirus.

Food Safety & Hygiene 

We take food safety and hygiene very seriously, although we are not professional chefs in commercial kitchens, we advise all our volunteers to adhere to standard food hygiene guidelines set by

The four main things to remember for good hygiene are the 4Cs:

Please visit for more information. By law, food businesses and food handlers must receive appropriate supervision and guidance in good hygiene to enable them to handle food in the safest way. We make sure all our volunteers are aware of the guidelines above.


In the UK, food handlers don’t have to hold a food hygiene certificate.

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