10 Meals

10 Meals

A £15 donation will be enough to deliver 10 meals to one of our hospitals or food bank


Your donation will support The NHS, the homeless and furloughed workers. 


For the NHS

Your donation will provide healthy meals for NHS workers. Help
us to supply our key workers with nutritious food to fuel them
through often long and draining shifts during this pandemic.


For the homeless 

In addition to the NHS, we also support homeless shelters and
food banks. With rising unemployment rates and an economic
recession looming, these organisations need as much support
as possible from the wider community to help keep their
essential services running for the most vulnerable in our



For Furloughed Workers

The vast majority of our volunteers are people who have been
furloughed or let go from employment due to COVID-19. With
each food delivery, we provide four furloughed workers with an
opportunity to use their time to make a positive difference. In
addition, it helps to provide many of them with a much-needed

sense of community.


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