How It Started

Floris ten Nijenhuis

When I quit my startup job in early March and went travelling to South America, I never thought my trip would be cut short because of a global pandemic.


When I got home, I was keen to help in any way possible. After speaking to Max, who works in A&E, I found out that healthy meals were the best way to lift morale, so I started cooking and delivering to hospitals.


After raising Β£2,000 in less than two days, and receiving multiple volunteering requests from people who had been furloughed, I thought about trying something bigger. πŸ’ͺ


So I set up Furloughed Foodies London and called on Chloe, my old housemate and recently furloughed marketer, to help spread the message...



Chloe Hall

I run the Marketing department for a tech startup and was recently furloughed because of the current global pandemic.


Floris reached out as he needed help cooking some meals for NHS workers. After making some lasagne, I wanted to do more - surely I could utilise my digital marketing skills to try and help the NHS and the community.


Instead of twiddling my thumbs over the next couple of months or binge-watching Netflix, I thought I would help promote this cause.


Please get in touch with me via our Instagram or Twitter if you can help us spread the word, raise more money and ultimately feed more of our NHS heroes!


Thanks πŸ’™



Max Brodermann

I am a doctor for the NHS, currently working in A&E at North Middlesex University Hospital.


When Floris asked me how he could help, I told him that we were being inundated with cakes and pizza πŸ•, which is super kind, but not what you need after a 12 hour shift. He told me he'd drive up with 50 meals in a couple of days.


He showed up, but I wasn't there because, surprise surprise, I got infected with COVID-19 and had to take the week off.


Not being able to work, I spent the week putting Floris in touch with colleagues across London, so that other doctors can get amazing home-cooked healthy meals!


Now I'm back on the front line. πŸ˜·





North/East Operations

Eliane Carmona

I am a recently furloughed Account Executive. After volunteering to cook for Furloughed Foodies I wanted to help the initiative more. I now run the operations for North and East London leading a team of wonderful volunteers doing their bit to support the NHS.

FF Headshot.jpg


William McFadden

I have recently finished my Master's in Law, Business and Management and was applying to jobs when lockdown began. When Floris asked me to help him get the initiative off the ground, I leapt at the opportunity to apply the skills I had learnt. Now I'm doing everything I can to help raise more funds to keep this initiative going for as long as we are needed!

Sophie Ruddock.jpg

Strategy & Operations


Having returned home to London after working on the Bloomberg presidential campaign, I wanted to make a meaningful contribution during the COVID pandemic - so am putting my skills in strategy and operations to work in scaling the impact and reach of Furloughed Foodies.

Piers Cotte-Jones.jpg

South/West Operations

Piers CottEe-Jones

It's a slightly tricky time for me as a theatre producer so I looked for other ways to be useful. I initially volunteered as a driver delivering meals to St Thomas’, but now run the operations for South and West London, leading an ever-growing army of volunteers.


Social Media

Nina Lichine

I am a recently furloughed marketer in the charity sector, I wanted to utilise my skills to help spread the Furloughed Foodies campaign!


Please reach out to me on our Instagram for any collaborations.

Mark Cripps.jpg

Strategic Advisor 


I am CMO for The Economist, I have been immersed in the digital marketing space pretty much since its inception and have been working with Furloughed Foodies since they launched at the beginning of April.

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